Duckdiving Longboards

A simple technique in principle but be prepared for a few beatings when you get it wrong to start with and obviously make sure no one is around you until you are competent at it. On a smaller board this comes purely down to timing and technique.On a bigger board the technique becomes far moreContinue reading “Duckdiving Longboards”

Skindog Peacemaker 9’1″ Thunderbolt

I was very lucky to get hold of a Skindog Surfboards 9’1″ Peacemaker in thunderbolt to take it through it’s paces. As with the gem I tried a few fin setups but opted for an 8″ centre with large sides (taken from a medium sized 3 fin set). My view of the peacemaker is thatContinue reading “Skindog Peacemaker 9’1″ Thunderbolt”

The Harley Ingleby Diamond Drive Thunderbolt Review

Model sizes available9’2 x 22 1/2 x 3 69L9’4 x 23 x 3 1/16 76L I’ll keep this pretty simple. Oh my what a board! The best description I can think of is that this is a higher performance version of the TJ Gem.  I’ve only surfed it a few times but for the largerContinue reading “The Harley Ingleby Diamond Drive Thunderbolt Review”