About me

I am a North Devon based surfer living on the outskirts of Braunton, yes same as my name. I am the 3rd generation of surfers from my dad’s side, he and my nan and grandad were some of the first surfers at Saunton.

I, like many in the area grew up on the beach at Saunton then moved on to surf all over the region before branching out into Europe and the rest of the world. I first had a go on a longboard when I was 12 or 13 and loved it, for our waves in the UK I believe a progressive longboard is the most versatile board you can have in your quiver although I do love to get on something smaller when the waves are good and quiet, which is rare!

My competitive career started with local events run by the Hotdoggers Longboard Surf Club then I moved onto British tour events run by the British Longboard Union at the age of 15. I also competed in many independent events and eventually the European Championships, World Longboard Championships along with events as far afield as the Philippines and Australia. I gained a British Junior title, 10 Hotdoggers League Titles and numerous others and was very lucky to come through the ranks with the likes of Ben Skinner, Elliot Dudley and Sam Bleakley.

When I was 30 I had lost a lot of my motivation and a change in career meant that not long later I had 5 years out of the water due to work commitments and the physical effects of working in the sales industry. I suffered badly with my mental and physical health as a result of the aforementioned along with the stress of the job and crazy long hours. It was the day of my wedding to my wonderful wife Becky that my best men got their message across pretty clearly via the power of reimagined Disney songs that I needed to make changes to be happy again and they were right. Fast forward to now and I have a wonderful son called Jacob with another on the way and I’ve been back in the water for nearly 2 years, last winter being my first for a long time and I’m working hard to get back into some sort of shape. I have lost 3 of the 5 stone I gained and have finally gained the confidence to enter a few events just to see where I am at.

This is the start of my journey to rediscover my love of surfing the right way!

Recent Contest History

Event: British Longboard Union Event 1
Location: Porthmeor, St Ives

Single Fin Division – 4th Place

Event: English National Surfing Championships
Location: Watergate Bay

Open Longboard – 4th Place

Event: Jesus Longboard Classic (2019)

Location: Polzeath

Open Longboard – 3rd Place

Over 35’s – 1st Place

Event: British Longboard Union Event 2

Location: Fistral, Newquay

Open: 5th Place

Single Fin: 9th Place

Event: Hotdoggers Surf Club 2021 Championships

Open Longboard: 1st Place