Dryobe Advance

You know you see those mums walking the kids to school or people out walking their dogs wearing a dryrobe and you think “what the hell are they doing, it’s not a coat!” I thought the same until I tried one! They are amazing in every way, totally windproof and waterproof, warm and roomy with plenty of pockets.

so warm!

For a competitive surfer sometimes you end up in a wetsuit for hours between heats where the thought of putting wet wetsuit back on means you’d rather stay in it and keep your core temperature up, Dryrobe’s make that possible without the risk of getting cold and everything associated with that. Just pop it on and you are totally protected from the elements. I have to admit in the depths of winter I’ve worn mine for walks on the beach but if you were to buy a separate coat with the qualities of a Dryrobe you’d be looking to spend £200+ which for something you wouldn’t wear that often is a waste in my opinion. Trust me when it gets properly cold this is the only product you need. They now have versions for dogs so you can keep your pooch warm and dry on those horrible days down the beach.
Also available are a range of accessories so check them out in Surfed Out or online.

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