The Harley Ingleby Diamond Drive Thunderbolt Review

Model sizes available
9’2 x 22 1/2 x 3 69L
9’4 x 23 x 3 1/16 76L

I’ll keep this pretty simple. Oh my what a board! The best description I can think of is that this is a higher performance version of the TJ Gem.  I’ve only surfed it a few times but for the larger surfer looking for a high performance board or someone who surfs beaches like Saunton so needs that slightly lower rocker and higher volume than a true high performance model this is perfect.
I used to surf my high performance boards in all conditions and due to my time out of the water I thought my added weight and lack of practice would mean those days were over but this board totally changed that. My first surf on it was in knee to waist high summer wind swell at Saunton and I was managing tight drop knee round house cutbacks and long hang tens.
I get excited by trying new boards but this is an absolute winner for me!

This board is made in Thunderbolt Red (see here) and I have set it up with Ben Skinner’s official set from FCS available from Surfed Out.

First surf

Here’s the official write up,
“The Diamond Drive has a three-stage rocker developed for everything from overhead, open faced waves to knee high, lined up lines. 

An easy paddler that loves to be ridden on the nose, it’s a trim machine that can also turn precisely on the shoulder. 

The nose area has a very slight blended concave within a light convex bottom, which transitions into a spiral V with double concaves and a flat tail behind the fins. The Diamond Drive is the perfect small wave performance board to compliment the HIHP.” – Harley Ingleby

If you’d like to try this board contact Surfed Out in Braunton although there aren’t many around so you may get referred to myself!

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