Skindog Cherrypicker

So after much badgering from Skindog I got the chance to try the cherry picker thanks to the team at Surfed Out. The one I tried was the smallest of the 3 and initially I wasn’t keen as I’m not a fan of wide square tails but I put that out of my mind and had a go.

I really enjoyed the board and despite taking a while to get used to turning it I felt I was onto something. There was 1 small issue though, I only ride big boards in waist high and below and this model just wasn’t quite big enough fir me so after some asking nicely (begging) the legends in store let me take out one of the 84 litre models. I clicked straight away and was getting nose rides longer than ever before with some hang tens longer than I’ve ever had.

There a few things about this board which stand out, firstly when you would normally need to step back from a noseride don’t! The board will hold through the section like a traditional heavy log, it locks in amazingly. Turning the board well requires 1 of 2 options, tight turns in the pocket or all of your weight over the tail, once you get used to these the board is amazing but some people are put off as they haven’t given it time to make the adjustments.

The one thing everyone agrees on is that this board is fun!!!

Surfers using this board include Skindog himself, Jack Entwistle, Adam Griffiths, Ben Howey, Sam Bleakley and many more, that says all you need to know!

Here’s the official write up,

A traditional single fin longboard with a very different tail design to create lift on the nose with response and drive off the tail.

The outline lends itself to traditional longboards designs, wider in the tail, wide in the middle with a slightly more pulled in nose.

With a combination of traditional aspects and new school design, we have created a “Modern Noserider” that will hold and lift whilst tight in the pocket nose-riding, creating a feeling like no other.

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